Dating fn hi power

Here's a link to the date codes that used on the browning high power pistols browning date your firearm - hi-power pistol note: fn uses the same date. The browning hi power is one of the most prolific fighting pistols of all time i've owned several, but for a variety of reasons could never hold on to one very long like john browning's other . I have a sweet old belgian made fn/browning hi power 9mm it has austrian rural police unit code markings on the front strap, lgk with unit number. Please post a pic of your hi power it will make dating it a bit more accurate there are a few hp copies/clones that use smiliar rollmarks if your hp has only the serial #33000 it is most likely a pre 1954 or post war hi power. Nazi marked belgian browning hi-power the fn p35 “hi-power” had been in production since 1935 designed by john moses browning, and completed by dieudonne saive, the pistol was chambered in 9mm and had a 13 round capacity, and was a desirable military firearm.

One thought on “ browning hi-power then & now ” rod june 5, 2015 at 4:51 am hi my name is rod, i just got a 194something fn hi power with german marks i would be interested in talking with you about a few things about the gun please email me , thanks rod. Can anyone help me date this new (to me) fn hi power i believe its from the late 1940's to the mid-1950's i also asked the experts on the hi power forum. The browning hi-power pistol, first produced in 1935, is one of the best combat pistols ever designed lightweight, accurate, with a comfortable grip angle and chambered in 9mm with a 13-round capacity magazine, the hi-power is still being used or has just recently replaced by military forces in . Buy browning hi-power front sights factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufactures including browning, winchester, fn america, beretta, benelli franchi, stoeger, remington, bushmaster, marlin, sig sauer, hk and many more.

Is it high-power or hi-power learn the answer once and for all from one of the world's foremost authorities on the fn browning hi/high power american rifleman | 5 little-known facts about the fn . The production of the bar high power rifle began in 1968 the bar mark ii series was introduced in 1993 and is still in production to find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner's manual we have most owner's manuals online 1967-68 bars had serial numbers that read like this . I recently inherited from my grandfather a fn hi power, 1935 model from what i can tell and am looking for help identifying it's date of manufacture and history it has belgian proof marks - roaring lion over pv, followed by y.

Hi power date of manufacture browning hi-power advertise here forum reviews rules legal i have a fn hi-power 5 digit serial number 56xxx looking for date of . The browning hi-power (or fabrique nationale fn gp35 - gp for grande puissance) has a lineage dating back to the original john browning colt m1911 and became the last of browning's designs before his death in 1926. Browning hi power serial number, browning hi power serial numbers, browning hi power serial numbers post war, fabrique nationale herstal serial numbers. No reserve here's a very desirable variation for the hi-power pistol collector manufactured by fn in belgium, this is a belgian congo contract pistol that was manufactured in 1952 the belgian congo was belgian colony in central africa between 1908 and 1960 an uprising eventually led to the . I bought this fn hi-power a couple weeks ago from bud's it's an interarms surplus import it's an interarms surplus import i've been pretty busy lately and just got around to checking it out today.

[archive] converse about the hi power (fn hi power forum) identifying and dating a hi power hi-power mags for sale sometimes you're the statue other times you're the pigeon. Picked up a fn belgian hi-power earlier in the week fn herstal stamping (not browning) on ls of the slide, with the thumbprint notch on the rs of the slide s/n is five digit 30xxx, matching throughout. Need help dating a browning hi-power 9mm my father has a belgian browning hi-power 9mm sn is 39xxx but all fn sales, without exception, from, say, 1930 on, are . Hello everyone i would like to thank every in advance for any help i may get as i too have always been more a hunter/plinker than a serious collector. No reserve here's a nice post-wwii browning hi-power pistol chambered for the 9mm parabellum, this pistol is all original and in very good condition the serial number places it in about 1952 production the right side of the trigger guard is stamped silesia (upside down) which was the .

Dating fn hi power

A fn hp with matching numbers on slide, barrel, and frame serial # 467xx there is one additional digit after that ser # browning high power nazi serial numbers . Fn hi power with serial number a3036 what year is it, fn hi-power t serial number, fn high power serial numbers list, fn highpower serial number contracts,. Browning hi power handgun page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next which fn is more desirable views: 279 in the ten ring jan 21, 2018 need help dating my hi power ag . The fn browning hi-power is one of the most popular military pistols ever fielded and ranks up with browning's 1911 as one of the all-time greats.

  • In 1960, browning introduced the fn high power bolt-action, made in belgium along distinctly american lines it was based on a commercial fn claw-extractor action and came in three grades: safari .
  • History for fn collectors including fn browning 1900, 1922 and hi power pistol, mauser 1924, 1930 rifles, fn-49, fn fal rifle.

This browning hi-power model 640(b) was manufactured at the fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre or national factory of weapons of war in herstal belgium or simply fn for short, some time in late 1941 or early to middle of 1942. I think you may have an feg hi power, that's why you can't find anything with the l serial number prefix feg was believed to have made unlicensed copies of the fn/browning hi power that even included the rollmarks that genuine fn/browning hi powers had.

Dating fn hi power
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